John O’Donohue -The Inner Landscape of Beauty…

“Beauty unfolds in the becoming of a person, and it increases in us as we pass through life’s most harrowing thresholds. It is found in the realm of the invisible, where we share with and inspire others, it is found in time, in mindfulness and the unseen places of the heart.” -John O’Donohue

The late Irish poet John O’Donohue is absolute magic and gifts us with a conversation around the beauty we find in ourselves when we turn inward.  A beautiful landscape, we would imagine, is something we can see, inhale and feel. The grass beneath our feet, the crisp fall air, the deep blue of water… O’Donohue transports us to the unseen places, the places we often keep to ourselves, the places of sorrow, loss, strength and love.

Our inner landscape is such a mystical and alluring place. It is unique to each of us in color, depth and stretch. In who we allow in, what we’ve given, and what we’ve lost.

O’Donohue gently reminds us that there is a sort of grace, in taking the time to share it.

I urge you to treat yourself with a listen. O’Donohue is one of my favorite poets, and you’ll find his inner landscape a breathtakingly beautiful place. You also may discover your own.

© cs, 2017

*photo credit Paitoon Jumee

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